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What Do I Do If My Ex-partner Won’t Pay Child Support?

When parents are no longer together, child support can be crucial for ensuring that their children's needs will be met. These payments will help address the ongoing, daily expenses of raising children, including making sure they have the proper food and clothing, as well as a safe and well-maintained place to live. In some cases, child support orders may also address additional expenses, including educational and medical expenses, as well as daycare or other forms of child care. However, child support is only helpful when it is actually paid. If a parent fails to meet their court-ordered obligations to support their children, the other parent may need to take legal action to enforce these requirements.

At the law office of Brandon Wong & Associates, our attorneys are known throughout San Antonio and Texas for enforcing child support orders – not for the purpose of punishing delinquency, but for the purpose of getting the money parents and their kids need to survive. We know how to get court orders enforced as quickly as possible, and we strive to find solutions that will provide for the best interests of children while also ensuring that parents will have the necessary financial resources to meet their own needs. We have extensive experience in these types of cases, and many other lawyers refer child support collection matters to us. Whether you are seeking to enforce child support obligations or need to determine how to respond to an enforcement action as a non-custodial parent, we can provide the legal help you need.

Legal Representation in Child Support Enforcement Cases

It is important to understand that when child support orders are established, they are legally-binding court orders that parents are required to follow. As with other types of court orders, failure to meet these obligations can result in serious consequences. To ensure that a parent will pay child support as ordered, a court may put certain requirements in place, such as a wage garnishment order that will withhold the required payments from the parent's income. If there is any unpaid child support, these payments will continue to be owed until they are paid in full, and interest may be applied to the outstanding amounts. If necessary, a parent who is owed support may take action to collect unpaid child support.

If a parent repeatedly violates the court's orders and fails to pay support as ordered, they may face a number of other consequences. In addition to garnishing their wages, the court may place liens on a parent's home or other property, seize funds from their bank accounts, or intercept their federal income tax refunds or other payments they receive, such as a settlement in a personal injury case or lottery winnings. The court may also take action to suspend a parent's driver's license, or it may impose other consequences, including sentencing a person to jail time or placing them on probation and requiring them to perform community service and receive counseling for financial planning and budget management, drug or alcohol abuse, or any other issues that may have caused them to fail to meet their obligations.

Contact Our San Antonio Child Support Enforcement Attorneys

If you are owed child support, our lawyers can provide you with honest and straightforward answers about your options for collecting the payments you need to provide for your children. We can help you take steps to receive ongoing support through monthly or lump-sum payments. We can help you collect back child support that is owed, even if your children have reached adulthood. We can also help parents who owe child support determine their options, ensuring that they will be able to meet their obligations while avoiding consequences such as license suspension or jail time. To learn more about how we can help with matters related to child support, contact us today at 210-201-3832. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal needs.

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